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Hello. My name is Aleksy. I live in Te Atatu. I like drawing. My teacher's name is Miss Mitchell but my writing teacher's name is Mrs Leijh.

Evil Waters

Many years on from now a group of scientists ventured through the depths of a new sea called Abasar, in a sub they called Zec. The sound it made was rather electrifying. A few seconds later they noticed that below them the ruins of an ancient city lay on the seafloor. There were hundreds if not thousands of fish swimming in between the remaining pillars, then diving under the arches of the partially remaining buildings. The scientists were all tempted to get out and explore, unfortunately only one had remembered their diving suit. “Hey” shouted Alan, “Can we go back to the lab?” “NO!” exclaimed Lucy the pilot of Zec “I’m telling you that would be a waste of time”. So Cam slipped on his diving suit then swam through the dark sea. As he approached the ruins, a shark darted out from behind the rocks. Cam was unlucky at that point because he didn’t send out a distress call in time. Nearly a minute later Zec arrived. Lucy peeked through the port hole to see if Cam was alright. As soon as Lucy got a sight of Cam she knew that he was dead. So Lucy called on drone sub 9.77 to pick Cam up but also to bring Alan and Lucy their diving suits.

It was only a few minutes when the small drone sub arrived with coffin and all, it dropped off the diving suits then off it went. So Alan and Lucy slipped on their nice sleek diving suits and also some protective gear. They slowly swam through the murky water then suddenly a faint blue glow appeared in the distance. As they got closer Alan and Lucy realised that it was the evil water spirit from legends.

Tawharanui Tide


It was a nice sunny day in our modern bach at Tawharanui. “Mum” I moaned “Can we go out and explore Tawharanui?” Mum would normally say yes but lately the weather hadn’t been very good. “It looks ok” murmured Mum “I guess we better wait and see if it’ll fine up any more … Cause it might start raining” added Mum. Only two minutes had passed when mum said “I’m getting bored. Let’s go out to the beach.” So off we went, walking down the hill with lunch packed up into our tramping bag. A few hours of walking had passed when I spotted a nice big bunch of rocks to climb on. We ran as quickly as we could over to the towering rocks. It was a challenging climb to reach the very top. It was after a few hour of climbing when I noticed that the tide had already come right in. I shouted out to Mum who was on her phone, “Mum! The tide’s already come in”. Mum looked up at me then down at the water. “I only thought it had been a couple of hours but clearly it has been five or so”. I suppose it was just Me and Mum stuck on the rocks, eating leftover lunch for dinner. The next morning when I woke up I saw the lovely pink, yellow, orange and red sunrise covering the sky with colour. When Mum woke up we set off. 



It tastes like sugar mixed with cocoa powder then a dollop of peanut butter stirred into the mixture.

As it melts in my mouth I taste the lovely sugar.



What is this egg shaped thing with wheels and a long bendy tube? I wonder what it does? Vvooo,vooo,ooo. I packed myself into a cube, the same way a turtle would squeeze itself into a shell. As soon as the noise got quieter I popped my head out and soon I was standing on my tracks.


Video Game World

I was mindlessly walking around not knowing what was happening, then three seconds later I knew every about the amazing new world that I was living in. I knew how to build a house, how to craft all sorts of weapons, and who all the monsters were. Wait hang on? What’s that one? Surely that’s a glitch? Soon I was walking off cutting down trees and then I built a brand new wooden house.


Excuse Note

Dear Miss Mitchel,

Aleksy can’t do the run, walk, jog fitness activity because he sprained his ankle on his friends tramp last night. So sorry he can’t get any fitter this morning.

From Shalom



Dear Mr Bainbridge,

Thank you for letting us have this extra writing session nearly every afternoon. The internet has been more than a little bit annoying but the writing class has still been pretty good. I think that it would be a good idea to do the same sort of thing next year. I have improved finishing my stories on time but sometimes I still find it hard to finish my stories.

From Aleksy