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Hi my name is Ava. I like to go horse riding. I live on Te Atatu Peninsula. I like dogs and cats too. I play netball. One thing I like about writing is writing scary stories. I hope you like my writing.

The War of Knives and Forks

I was putting the dishes away when I turned around and heard a big noise. I saw the knives and forks moving, they were fighting. The knives were running towards the forks. They got ready to charge. I almost fainted. They were fighting over the spoon.  I went to get a pan. The forks were getting ruined, the knives were winning. For a second I thought that I was dreaming. So I took a deep breath and went back out to the knives and forks. I had a plan. The forks were destroyed so I put the forks in the bin.


The Malfunctioning Robot

One day I walked into a brand new sparkling toy shop. It was full of wonders. There was a pink ballerina and I saw a big fluffy teddy bear. I was walking around and I saw an awesome talking robot. I quickly got my money out because there was another kid wanting it. So I grabbed it and raced to the counter. I looked in my wallet and I didnt have enough money! So I said please dont give the robot away. So I ran home to get some money. Feeeew, there is still some money left. I sprinted back to the toy shop. I went up to the old man who owned the toy shop, I said “Do you still have my toy robot?” The old man was silent but then he said one word, “Yes”. I was so excited and I gave him the money. When I got home I put batteries in the robot and he started to malfunction and come alive. He started to slowly walk down to the kitchen because he didn’t want me to see him alive. I went to look for the robot but couldn’t find him. I looked in my bedroom, I looked in the bathroom, I looked in the lounge and I looked in my Mum and Dad’s bedroom. He wasn’t anywhere. I got so tired so I went to go and get a drink of water. When I got down to the kitchen I poured myself a cup of water and I turned around, I saw the robot with a knife. I dropped my cup of water and it made a very big loud noise. The robot rushed off in a fast run. I followed him. When I got up to my bedroom, I looked into his box and there he was with the knife. I tried to get the batteries out but every time I tried to get the batteries out the robot moved the knife. “That’s it I my going to get a knife” I said to myself. When I was running back up the stairs to my bedroom I heard the door open so I ran back down the stairs. When I got down stairs, I went to the door and I saw the robot on the road.  I ran to the robot and he fell over. Then a car came rushing along the road and hit the robot. All of a sudden the robot turned nice. I knew this because he gave me a lollypop.                

The Ball in the Sea


One day me and my family went to the beach. We brought our beach ball and as we were playing I accidentally threw the ball into the sea. I went to get it but when I was swimming a hungry shark came so I had to go back to shore. My mum said “you are not going out there”. So I went to the shop and got another beach ball se we could play. At the end of the game we went to go get fish and chips.

If I Was a Wall


Every day Brent comes home for school and picks his nose. I wish he would stop. He swipes all of his snot on the bed, disgusting. The state of his room, man talk about it. He hangs all of his dirty washing up on me, it smells like dirty old socks. Brent has his own diary and when he writes in it I see secrets. I saw him writing down that he got a girlfriend. I wish I could tell his mum, she would be angry. His bedroom smells like rotten eggs mashed with dog poo. At night when I am trying to get to sleep all I can hear are barbie songs and they sound horrible. As Brent got older he started to pack and one day he moved out. I felt sad and lonely and I was wondering if he was ever going to come back. I surprised myself thinking that I actually did miss him.


WALL-E comes in and I am watching him. I think he seems crazy because he’s looking around at the balls and thinking that he can pick them up. He tries to pick up the balls with his tummy ramp but he couldn’t pick them up. He goes backwards and runs forwards on his wheels with his flap open going to pick up the balls. WALL-E got all of the balls inside him somehow and he jiggled around. His tummy opened and out came all the balls in a cube. He touched the cube of balls and it exploded. Then he went home with the balls and played with them.




There was magic in the air and floating tea cups that were actually fairies houses. There was a big pond with mermaids in it, and unicorns played in the fields. Everyone was happy in Avatopia. The fairies loved to hop on the lily pads and flutter up into the pink sky. The mermaids liked to swim in the pond and polish their tails. One day the King and Queen had a baby and they named her Princess Olivia. Princess Olivia had purple hair and violet eyes. When she was born they had a party with all the fairies, unicorns and mermaids invited too. When she grew up her parents told her that she had no magic and she turned into a mean princess. She thought it was unfair because everyone else got magic, including the mermaid and fairies. So when her parents went away she grabbed the royal wand and got the guards to go any get the mermaids and fairies so that she could take the powers off them. The guards got one fairy and one mermaid and took them to Princess Olivia. Princess Olivia took the powers off them by pointing the wand at them. The magic came to the end of the point and Olivia’s smile looked evil. She got the guards to go get the unicorns and she got everyone else to start getting the party ready. When the guards came back with the unicorns the party started.



Excuse Note


Dear Mrs Leijh,

Ava has fallen off her horse and broken her writing hand. She can’t do handwriting, writing and formal language. Can she please write on the laptop? I’m so sorry that this has happened.

From Leisja


Dear Mrs Leijh,

Ava went to California and hoped on a motorbike and crashed. She got rushed to hospital, died for ten minutes and came back alive. She cannot do maths.

From Leisja


Dear Mr Bainbridge,

Thank you for letting us have this opportunity to have more time writing. I have improved with my WOW words and I have also improved with my full stops and capital letters. I liked working on the computers but the internet is not good in the parent centre so maybe next time we could go to the media suit. Thank you so so much.

From Ava Bradley.