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Hi! My name is Chelsea and I live in Te Atatu. I live with my dog Charlie, my brother Josh and my mum Emma. I love sports, nature & scary rides like roller-coasters. I hope you like my stories.

The Shark Who Wanted a Friend


A shark was bobbing up and down in the water. He had been swimming at this beach for five years. He first came to this beach because he was swimming by and thought it looked nice. The beach was always sunny, the water was often a bright blue and sparkling. The beach also had good climbing rocks that children climbed. The shark always went to the beach so he could make a friend but everyone always ran away. The people didn't know what he meant. Then after one week, he found a little boy. He went up close and sniffed him. He knew he had found a friend because he smelt candyfloss. The little boy’s name was John. After 10 seconds of the shark following him, John looked behind and was frightened. John thought for a second and remembered a ship that had a sword. So he went swimming to the ship and he went as fast as a mermaid. Bob was there and said “What are you doing my friend?” in a calm voice. To let you know Bob is his friend, John said in a focused voice “I’m going to kill a shark”. Then Bob said “I’m going to kill him too because if he kills my friend I kill him”. They charged off to the shark. When they got there Bob said in a loud voice “STOP”. “Why?” John said in a confused voice. Bob knows shark voice to let you know. “He just wants a friend”. So they asked if they could be friends and they lived happily ever after.




The Best Robot Ever

Once in a small and famous toy shop there was a rusty old robot. No one ever saw him because he was on the violet ceiling tucked in a small corner. One day a little girl came in called Penny. She had blue and sparkly eyes. Penny had awesome clothes because they were stylish and she was pretty as a angel. When Penny walked in she saw the robot and whispered to herself “I want that robot”. She left the shop and walked to her house to tell her mum. Penny asked her mum if she could have it and mum said “No” in a loud voice because she didn't want a robot in the family. But Penny wanted it. Penny went off in a peaceful way and got the robot. When she got it, she named him Jim. She got the robot because she had no friends in the family. Jim was rusty and old. He could talk but at the same time he couldn't talk that well. Jim also had orange eyes. Penny put Jim in her house’s attic so her mum didn’t know. Everyday Penny played with Jim and taught him tricks like hugging her. One day Penny’s mum climbed into the attic to go on her fun walking machine but she suddenly saw Jim. She was really mad so she went on the walking machine and waited until she had finished her exercises. When her mum was done, she looked closely at Jim and did not want him at all.  She said to Penny I sold Jim but she had lied. Mum hadnt liked Jims orange eyes and rust but when he said Heloo to her, Mum had changed her mind. She liked how he could talk just a little and she wanted to fix him. Mum put Jim in the basement because she liked him after all and she wanted to upgrade him for Penny’s birthday. Days passed and now it’s Penny’s birthday when she was opening her mum’s present, she did it in a sad and happy way. As soon as Penny opened her present she was surprised that it was Jim. Jim said Hleoo. Can we be friends? and they were happy as a family.

In The Lovely Tree’s

Ow, my ear, it hurts. These people are annoying it is so loud in here. They always write and there name is so weird, their name is Royal Writers. Hi I live in this place called the Parent Centre and there are lovely paintings and fantastic tree’s that I love a lot. One day I made a wish that I could be a person but I was built as a wall. I can see very wonderful shadows of the trees. “Nooooooo they’re back! The Royal Writers are back” I said in a horrible voice. It was as loud as a tornado alarm, I don’t want them to come again. “Yay the school finishes early today. What who is this? It looks like a snotty person”. I found out that it was actually parent teacher interviews and there were noisy people like Jacob

That was the worst night of my life at least I am here with the beautiful and wonderful trees. “Aaaaaa good morning I can’t wait to sleep in because it’s a weekend”. After I had a nana nap I saw the gorgeous trees were gone not even one little leaf was left all gone. I felt very annoyed and at the same time sad as I was feeling very sad I saw a very pretty painting it made me feel very happy.

Callum VS Seamonster

Once upon a time there was a man called Callum. He once went to a sunny, beautiful and sandy beach. As it just became 4:00 o’clock, which is the time the beach opened, Callum said “I’m going to have a lot of fun here”. He had a lot of fun like going into the sea and kicking a ball. When it was time to leave everybody stayed because they didn’t know what the time was and there was a seamonster. The seamonster was as scary as it could be. He was coming towards the people at the beach and all of them left when they saw him. So Callum got his phone and called his friends to help him kill it. They all came over and they all had knives and a gun in their hands to kill the seamonster. All of them killed him. Callum had the best day of his life. The end.


It is like delicious melted sugar that is brown.

As yummy as an ice-cream.

A Willy Wonka factory going down my throat.

As brown as dirt after it’s been raining.

This is all about chocolate.

WALL-E # 5

“Ahh what is this? It seems like a camera. I don’t want to be seen by a random camera”.  I need to turn into a weird looking box like turtle so no one will see me. Eve came as fast as a cheetah and saved me. She was a flying hero and smiled at me when she saved me. I pulled a white screen across so that I could act the next one out. Its now night and I went to bed. As I thought about being on a camera, I said to myself “I want to be a model”.

“Hi! Where are you going? Don’t hide from me. I’m very nice. Ahh who are you? Why did you pick him up?” I said in a very interesting way. “Oh you’re Eve from the movie Wall-e”.

Forgetful Gorilla


Hi I live in a jungle called Smartland and I am going to talk how I am a talking gorilla. I was born in Talkingland, so was my friend Bob. Our mothers died on the 5th May 1945. The day was Thursday it was very upsetting. They died by a fire. The sky was covered with smoke and there was fire spreading to every tree. Our mothers found the way out but then the door was on fire and they had to run through it. They died. Then me and Bob moved to Smartland and immediately started to know everything on earth.


Excuse Notes

Dear Mrs Chapman

Chelsea was at the doctors last night and found out that she has a broken her leg. She can’t do umbrella dancing. Hope that’s fine with you.

From Emma Burte


Dear Mr Nemaia

Chelsea went to the movies yesterday morning and fell all the way down. She broke both of her arms and can’t do handwriting. Sorry.

From Craig Doughty.




Dear Mr Bainbridge,

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to have more time to practise our writing. I have improved my writing so so so so much that I got chosen to be in the writing competition. Next time can you please please please make the room bigger? I would appreciate it because I hate crowded spaces. I think my writing has improved because I learnt about wow words and different types of sentences.

From Chelsea Doughty