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Hi my name is Jacob. I have a dog her name is Bella and she is the best pet ever. I like to play softball, soccer & cricket, and I don’t like writing when I get stuck for ideas. Could you please give me some?

Jack Rabbit: Bad First Day at School

Once upon a time there lived a rabbit. His name was Jack. He lived deep underground in the rabbit hole. It had rooms for all uses. “Cool” said the new rabbit class. Jack was in that class with a new teacher, his name was Mr Rabbitson. He was a nice teacher and he was very smart. It was his class’s assembly. “My first day at school. NO!!!!” Jack cried. He was very embarrassed but before the assembly Mr Rabbitson said “You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to”. “No thank you” said Jack, but he got a certificate. Jack was very happy. He went home and read it. It said ‘We hope you enjoy your new school’. The end

Volcano Maungani Erupted

Once upon a time at a beach, Volcano Maunganui erupted. Vocanow Maunganui erupted because too many people walked on it. The people thought they were not safe because there was a bridge made out of wood. But it didnt burn down because it was laver proof! So the people swam to the pon town, well they tried but they didn’t because it was burnt by flying lava and fire. “No” they cried for a while but one of them saw Alvis Rock, “Hey lets go to Alvis Rock” and they did. They were safe at Alvis Rock because the fire and flying lava was gone.

Fixing Wolly

In the land of the future lived a family called the Laboratories. They were very odd because they played tennis instead of table tennis and their house was a dome shape. Their triangle shaped shed was actually a secret elevator that led to their family lab and they had a robot called Wolly. He was broken, he needed a new dbox but they had three dboxes full of information about everyday life already, and now four full dboxes. They went to all the shops but they were all out of dboxes till next month. “Dad” Jackson Laboratories said, “Can we get a new dbox no matter how far we have to drive?” “But it’s too far” Dad said. Jackson pleaded, “Can we please go?” “Oh alright” Dad said. So they drove to Hawaii and then they went to Russia. They still didn’t find any dboxes. They went to the specialist place on earth called New Zealand and there they found dboxes in a shop called Super Cheap Auto. They finally got Wolly working again in time for Jackson’s birthday and it was his favourite present of all.



It tastes like scrumptious brown melted sugar and candies.  

My throat is like a furnace melting the scrumptious blocks of goodness.

The goodness and saliva flows down my throat like lava flowing out of a volcano.

It falls in love with my tummy and flows through my intestines.


It falls into the crowd of food.

“Hooray!” the food chant.

If I Was a Wall

OW! Could you Royal Writers shut up? Stop smacking those black things. Every afternoon these annoying children at this annoying school come and annoy me. I love the weekends when all the children aren’t there. There is one boy called Kees who keeps on coughing so loud. I hope he has a cough lolly soon so he doesn’t keep coughing. There is a boy called Jacob who does the best work because his stories are awesome. I really like his wall story because it is actually true as I am alive and he’s writing about me. Hurray!

Where have they gone? I’m sad I hope they come back. Day 1. Day 2. Day 3, till not here. Day 4. Day 5. But on the 6 they came back.


WALL-E spun his track as fast as he could. He kicked the soccer ball at the wall. It bounced off the wall and hit him in the face.

I saw a round rock shape bouncy thing so I spun my track and I kicked it. It went away. It came back and hit me in the face. “Oooooooooooooowwwwwwww! That’s breaking my rust!” I shrieked. “I hate that type of rock!” I moaned to Eve. “It’s just a soccer ball WALL-E”.


Excuse Note

Dear Mr Bainbridge,

Jacob can’t do fitness or sit down today because a bee swam stung him on the bum. Please call me if his bum swells up ten times bigger than now.

Thanks Dalice


Dear Mr Bainbridge,

Thank you for helping us improve our writing with Mrs Leijh. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to use the netbooks. It’s helped us to do our work at home because it’s on the internet. I’ve got better at my punctuation and capital letters.

From Jacob