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Kia Ora. My name is Josiah. I live on Te Atatu Peninsula with my two uncles, my aunty, my two sisters, my cousin, my mum and my dad. I like playing soccer and I play for Te Atatu FC. My team is called the Trojans. I hope you like reading my writing.

The Nice Shinny Town

There was a man named Josiah who made a very very big glass dome. He put in a big glass dome so he could make a nice shinny town. One day there was a scary zombie army and ninjas and vampires. He saw 20 zombies, 8 ninjas and 16 vampires. It was so scary that he screamed aaaaaaah! So Josiah ran to the big army outside. There were 68 people in the army. In the night everyone was trying to sleep but it was so nice that all the people had scary dreams.

The next day they heard 10 people in one family shout, “6 people went, 2 people got bit on the neck.” So the people killed 1 zombie but one soldier got kicked at the back by a vampire and got killed. Then they looked up, they saw a hole. They saw a hole in the middle of the roof.

Everyone saw zombies trying to climb in for yummy brains. So everyone got guns, some people tried to escape but the pilot got bitten by a vampire because they can turn into bats and bite them on the neck. It was so hard to see because there was smoke and blood everywhere. The vampires were so hungry. Everybody got guns. The people locked the doors and closed the windows and hid in the blanket so that they didn’t get killed. Some people were so scared that all the vampires and zombies heard and they died. So every person went in the tower and Josiah went into the tower to make the tower bigger so that the normal people could fit in the tower and be safe and sound but 1 day everyone went in the tower and one woman forgot her 2 babies in her house. One baby was crying, nearly all the zombies heard someone crying so they stole the babies. The army were shouting at the zombies. Everyone was nervous, the people thought they were going to die. The army went outside to get more drinks, more food different land. Next some people used a knife. Next some people just played games outside in their yard and they could hear zombies. Sometimes they think it`s a trick or a prank, but then they knew it wasn't a prank because there were more people than their brothers or sisters or friends and they got bitten on the neck.


When it`s 7:00 in the morning to 1:30 in the night I go to work then I go to sleep at night. We work on Henderson Street. One time it was night time. I went to my work. When I got to my work it smelt like fresh popcorn chicken, fish, chicken and chips. The floor was so clean and shiny it was slippery. John, my best friend, was getting some of the ingredients. My 2 friends, Luke and Harry said You get 6 chickens and the new magic salt. So we all made a shiniest chicken in the entire world. We all pretended we were John’s bad mate we used a big bag for the shiniest chicken and I gave him the shiniest chicken for lunch. When my best friend John went outside for lunch he got struck by lightning. “Aaaaaaaaaah!” My friend was screaming and fell off the new big couch that was waiting outside work. When he got up I saw his red eyes, big sharp teeth, black prickly hair, humongous tongue and hands that were bigger than a chair. We all ran outside but me and my 3 partners, Micky, Luke and Harry, tried to hide. We jump into the rubbish bin, we all hide in the bin. We waited until everyone else from work went to the city. We all walked slowly and quickly checked if my best friend, now monster, was gone but he was instead in the Henderson Street. Everyone saw him and ran quickly into their house and we all watched him kicking and smashing the old or new stinky or nice cars. We all didn`t want to go outside or open any doors or windows. Everyone just stayed in there house and eat, drank and watched TV. We quickly went in the secret door and got the book that said “Helps robots be back to normal”, that's what it said. So we tried to find the right page. “There it is” said Harry. “So we need a coffee, a old little chair, a big book and a piece of cake” Luke said. So we all sneaked to get a piece of a cake. “I`ll take the book” I said to my friends. We quickly got everything including the piece of cake. We went inside, closed everything and went in the meeting room. We got all the ingredients together and put them in a hole in the floor. When we put the ingredients in it the hole turned red and yellow. We went to the secret door and saw John looking normal. John felt funny and he thought it had all been a dream but he couldn’t work out why his eyes were red.


War Time

Once a horrible week everything used to be nice and there were good days but once it turned into the terrifying earth. It turned into a terrifying earth because it was time for war time. Everybody has horrible lives now. Everybody’s stuff was round and on fire. People just hid somewhere. There’s only one kind of person would go outside and kill and have real guns that work well. It is the strong army from different countries. They were strong and brave. When someone dies there whole family will come and pray that he will be nice and safe. Everyone hated this week. Some people lived in the other world with mice, rats and dirty walls. It smelt like a horrible and stinky place It was one of the horrible places in the world. It was called the sewer. I didn’t want to live there. Anyway the war was one of the dangerous things in

The Great Wall of China


Today it is the week for me because I am going to be made. Finally when I was made I was nice and beautiful. The wind was nice, soft, I could smell the nice hot spicy food. It felt like hot sauce climbing down to my tummy. I didn't feel hungry. The next day I felt people walking on me it tickled. Some people were coughing and some people were crying because some people were sick or they died. I felt sorry for those people. They died because they got shot or they were on fire. That was why I was made. I was made in 700 BC. I felt a little bit old that day.



One day I went to a big room. It was white, soft and fluffy like a pillow. When I was in the room I was so confused. I looked around. I found something. I said “Hi there” It didn't answer back. I was confused. I went to it. I touched. I patted it on the head. When I touched it the third time I feel like it was trying to make me stay in the machine. I turned myself to an empty box. I pushed my whole body out and I moved close to it. It was trying to get my tire off. I picked it up. One minute later my little beetle friend came. I said “Come in”. My beetle friend took two steps forwards. Then I saw him going fast into the machine. I was panicking. I was trying to get him out. Then I hit it on the head. CABOOM!!!



It`s like water and lava mixing together.

It`s like people are running into my tummy.

It tastes like water going into my thirsty throat.

I love the silky smooth melting feeling in my mouth.

The brown mud rolling to my tummy.



The War

A very hot day was the first day of war. Two different places were fighting each other. They were called The Horrifying Land and the Nice Free Land. They were fighting each other because they both wanted the three treasures. The treasures were gold, diamonds and the specialist treasure in the world, which is everything that they always wanted.

I was one of the strong and the greatest soldiers in my army. I liked striking people in every war.

The people in my country were not going to the middle of the world because there are two different flowers. One was in the Nice Free Land and the other flower was the mean and ugly one, it was in the Horrifying Land. They both had powers because if you touch the mean and ugly flower then you turn mean but if teach the nice and rainbow’s flower then you turn good and nice.

Everyone who didn’t go to war had a party every night and the soldiers just stood outside the houses. One day the soldiers got invited into dance and everyone had fun.

The next day we all spied on the bad and mean side. We spied on them just in case they will attack us. I was so good at spying on people so I was kind of a secret spy for the greatest police. When we saw a huge ginormous giant we all hid so the giant didn`t hear the sides. If someone was hurt in our team we would take them to the hospital straight away. When they attacked we shot them. When they were on the biggest hill in the entire world they got less people that were attacking us. When they captured one of our people then we went and tried to rescue them back to our side but if my side captured someone in their side then they came and ran back to their side.

Excuse Note


Dear Miss Doyle

After school on Friday Josiah cracked his arm. This how it happen, Josiah was so excited to ride his first horse in his inter life. When he jumped on the horse his checks were red and he said “Hurry up this is my first time you guys!” Finally the horse was moving and I realised that finally Josiah was having fun on the longest trip in our inter lives. Next minute we saw a lion in front of us. He tried to turn around but when all the experts ran back into the room they rang the police to come and rescue them. Josiah feel off and the lion bit the tree and it feel on Josiah`s arm. When the lion was about to kill Josiah the police shot the lion and killed the lion.

From Mata


Dear Mr Bainbridge,

Thank you for making me write and write in my book and on the computer too.

Now I am getting better and I have proven to myself that I am a good writer. I can make my writing better with some WOW words and I can find interesting thinks to put down in my book.

Thank you for letting me be in the Royal Writing group as it has let me write more in my writing.

Thanks for letting me write with these people every time we come to school as I can learn a lot about writing quickly from them.

My favourite thing about writing is sometimes you can make your own story`s and you can get ideas quickly to write in your book or on a computers every day.

I love writing anything because it is easy to get ideas out of my brain.

From Josiah Tavita.