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Hello. My name is Kees. I live on Te Atatu Peninsula. I do karate and I like riding my bike. I also like writing stories about unusual things and doing maths.

The Classroom that Came to Life

Once there was a group of pencils that lined up facing the rubbers for war. “We have no mercy” said the rubbers. “We have no mercy ether” said Leval the leader of the pencil clan. “Pencils fire the lead guns!” said Leval. Some of the rubbers went down and fell off the table. “Don’t let the rubbers rub out our drawings! It will minimise our powers”. “Ha ha at least we rubbers don’t have a weakness ha ha ha” said Crager, the leader of the rubber clan. “Now rubbers fling the dirt that we found on the ground”.  Agghh you will pay. Get out. The pencil ran to knock them all down. Ha you think that that can... ahhhhhhhhhhhh you knocked us down. Well I suppose we get to be in Keess tote-tray. Arrrrrrrrr! Leval you will PAY!


“LEVAL?” “What Dad?” “Wait you’re Crager. What are you doing here? GET OUT!” “I just wanted to say, why don’t we have a battle?” “We have already had one?” “I mean a one vs one?” “OK. At the green big table in 5 minutes. Lunnal give me a lead sword.” “OK”  Anellin give me lead claws OK Thanks Lunnal and Anellin.  I am ready for battle. Ill be on my way...:” Hey Crager! I see you have the battle ground all sorted.” “Yep” “Ohh wow I like your weapons Leval” “I like yours too. Are you ready for battle Crager?” “Ohh yeah” “START THE BATTLE NOW! Die Crager.” Then Crager jumped at Leval... and that’s when Leval stabbed Crager right in the heart then Crager fell to the ground.      


The Phoenix

Once in a twilight cave there was a giant golden firebird named Phoenix. People often tried hurting Phoenix because her tears heal. They don’t often manage to hurt the phoenix because she set their weapons on fire and their clothes too. So they ran away screaming and that’s when they really needed healing which meant that more people came for it. So she had to kill them or they would either kill her or hurt her, sometimes they would take her babies. One day a sneaky man came so she screamed because he somehow managed to stab her with a dagger so Phoenix cried and the man got out an empty bottle and put her tears in it. The man drank the tears and his body got covered in purple flames because he wasn't hurt then his eyes went swirly then...he hypnotised Phoenix and he jumped on her back. Then her gold flames turned into purple flames. They flew over the towns. Every town they went over the man plucked out a giant feather and dropped it. The feather burned the towns down.                                                                                              



It tastes like a warm river of sugar and jelly flowing down my throat.

It’s as bouncy as a trampoline.

It’s like jelly and an edible river mixed together.

It tastes like the yummiest sweet in the world.

It is as brown as mud on the outside.

The top of the inside is red.

Jelly Tip chocolate is yum!

Life as an Art Gallery Wall

It was all black and dark then my eyes opened. There were strange figures with two blue legs and two blue arm’s. Their chest, back and sides were bright orange and they had yellow helmets. Suddenly a silver hook came down with a strange image of a screaming thing. Then the figures put it on a wall and they all shouted “Woo hoo for the Scream! Yeah!” Then one of them tried to have a closer look and he fell over. Then one of the strange figures shouted “Come on! We just built it”. So they got a crane and pulled me into the air. I was amazed from being so high then they put me down, standing up facing the wrong direction, this time facing a dear with glass spheres all over it. Then they put a roof on. One day later there were people leaning on me and looking at the glass dear. I got used to this. 27 years later they took the deer out and everything else. Then a giant metal ball came and hit me in the face and... killed me.



There was a strange red curved thing on the ground in front of Wall-E so he went closer. It chased him around then it stuck to his track. He pulled it off. It stuck to his eyes. He pulled it off again. Then tried throwing it but it just stuck to his hand. He shook it off. It was gone. WALL-E went away. It was on his back.

I saw a strange red curved thing on the ground so I went for a closer look. It chased me then I stopped. It stuck to my track. I pulled it off. Then it stuck to the top of my eyes. I pulled it off again and tried throwing it. It didn’t even come off my hand. I shook it like mad and it came off. I went away and realised it was on my back so I went to a shop and sold it for $5….

Excuse Note


Dear Mrs Alumanatie

Kees cannot go to school because both his arms blew up and were replaced with gigantic space trees and his legs were chopped off by an axe murderer. They were replaced with a snowmobile.

From Moplonatepaytrey

Loma and Cell

Once there was a planet and on that planet there was a brother and sister. The sister’s name was Loma and the brother’s name was Cell. They were both 12 years old. Loma’s hair was blond and Cell’s hair was brown. They were adopted. Loma was good at archery and Cell was good at sword fighting. Loma and Cell spent their days practicing until one day a man called Scare came. He asked if they could join his army of evil minions. Cell puffed up his chest and took a step closer...then said to Scare in a brave voice “No! We have been trained to stop people like you”. Suddenly jet black people with purple wings came out from nowhere and Scare screeched “These are my minions! I have thousands you shall be destroyed. Maaaaw hoooooo ha ha”.

Their journey had begun.


They had thought of a plan. The plan was to go to the castle where they should be because if you were an evil crazy dude with a whole bunch of evil minions the first thing you would attack is castle, especially one with a spirit warrior and this one had a spirit warrior. So Loma and Cell set off to destroy Scare. When they were walking throw the market people were shouting “Stop Scare”.



Dear Mr Bainbridge,

Thank you very very much for giving us this opportunity to do writing with Mrs Leijh every afternoon. The only thing is that I think we should have it in the media suite because the internet barely ever works in the parent centre but it always works in the media suite. It would be great if you could do this next year with another lot of students. It has helped me a lot with finishing on time and using punctuation such as full stops and speech marks.

From Kees