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Hi my name is Tarquin. I live in Te Atatu Peninsula, and I live with my family and cousins. I play rugby with my friends and also I support the All Blacks and the Blues. They are both my favourite rugby teams. I also go to a group called the Royal Writers.   

The Survivors

Many days have passed, only 4 survivors remain, Bob, Dave, Ian and the boss Boom. They are surrounded by gates and zombies. The zombies have missing arms and legs. The arms and legs were squirting out blood and the zombies looked ugly. There are people watching the survivor and there are some army left.  The zombies have all been to Zombie College to learn to attack and kill anything and everything. Also the zombie characters are Rome, Luker and the lucky last Shock-Buster the boss. So lets continue the story. As we all know Dave is a survivor. That very last minute Dave got bitten by a zombie and everyone started….RUNNING. They all made it except Dave. His brother Ian was so so sad he was crying for ages but they had to go. Now they found the army, there were only 26 of them. The army was scared but Bob said “Man up you guys, boys don't cry”. Ian got mad at him. He got so mad that he punched Bob really hard. Bob had a black eye. “There are zombies everywhere I am not going out there” said Bob, “and I will tell you why. First Dave is now a zombie and now I’ve got a black eye. Now what next?” “If you want to stay then stay. Okay?” said Boom, “...and there is a code to open the gate so we need to find out what the code is”. So now they must survive the people watching them and also the people who are watching them have the code and create mutant zombies. The next day they found the gate but when they found the gate the mutant zombies came to life, even Dave was there. Ian started running to Dave and said “We will save you”. Ian got beaten up but he was almost dead so they took him to the safe zone but when they got there, there were guards around the building so they had to sneak and have a distraction. Ian was the distraction and Ian said “Go I am almost dead anyway. Go, go!” So they sneaked into the building but when they got into the building Rome was there. They had to get around him. Instead they had to fight him so they fought him, they all got hurt badly, two of them died and that was Dave and Bob and the only the survivor was Boom. He ran as fast as he could. He kept running. He got away but when he was running he saw the building where the code was so he ran that direction. When he got there the doors were locked so the door code was the code they were looking for. The code was Password 0510!


A Scary Hall

One day I slid all the way past the old scary gigantic hall, well I call it the nice hall. Everyone thinks its a scary hall because it was crumbling, that is why no one goes near it. When you see the inside it, it looks beautiful and romantic but that day they broke the hall. I was threatened, I thought no one would do this to such a nice building. Well I probably know why they did it. Nobody likes that hall, maybe that is why? The hall got bashed from a wrecking ball and it was all smashed. There was nothing left standing, only the final box. They used to break the boxes for design, they dipped them in paint and used them for storing coloured paint. The final box was still there so I looked inside it and there was plan to rebuild the hall. the plan said they was going to be elevated and special rooms one of the special the plan took a long time I mean a LONG LONG TIME!

The Scorpion Attack


One exciting day I went to the beach but before we went I packed my swimming togs. When I stepped outside I saw a scorpion so I suddenly ran to the car and we drove all the way to the beach. When we were playing rugby I accidentally kicked the ball in the water, everyone was so angry so they dared me to go in. I was too scared to because there were more scorpions guarding the water. I threw shells at them so suddenly they started attacking us. We had to have a solution so we came up with one. The solution was we got the mums and dads of the scorpions in a cup and put them by their children by the sea. I hoped it would work. While the mums and dads were sorting them out, we ran away and got in the car and drove home to rest.


A Locked Door

One cold night a boy could Bob went to his friend’s house and played basketball in his driveway.  Bob had to go home but his friend said, Dont go. Stay a little longer!” So he did, at 10.30 you had to go home but Bob stayed 12.30 and walked home. Went he was about to go home in the corner of his eye he saw his mum closing the door. He ran as fast as he could to get home at that moment she locked the door. He had just got to his house. He knocked on the door and shoutedWhat do I do!” His mum answered “Go in the chimney or something” and he did.


As smooth as peanut butter.

It is brown like mud.

Yummy as Nutella.

I love it filling my mouth.

I love the taste of it.

As slimy as a worm.

I love the people partying in my mouth.

It is white as the clouds.

It tastes like an iceberg crashing.

It tastes like lava going down my throat.

It is as delish as like mud.

It looks like the burning sun.

It tastes like mud.

It tastes like money

Yummy, yummy.

The Pacific Pearl


Oww! Stop it. It's annoying. Just stop! I’m a wall on the PACIFIC PEARL. I see different islands but I stay in the the same old place like normal boats. I wish I was a person so I could go on the island because like I said earlier or should I say mouthed earlier, I am a wall. Water is SPLASHING in my face as well as kingfish. When we arrived at Tokelau it had palm trees. It looked beautiful and that is why I wanted to go in.    

Excuse Note

Dear Miss Mitchel,

I’m sorry Tarquin could not come to school today because he broke his arm and I will tell you how he did it. He went on the monkey bars and fell off.

From Caroline



Dear Mr Bainbridge,

I really appreciate this writing group for me and other the kids but we just really need a better writing place, for example, the media suite. Yet thank you for this extra writing time. I think I have improved my writing by putting in full stops in the right places.

From Tarquin