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Hi! My name is Tia and my favourite colour is blue. I live on the Te Atatu Peninsula with my mum, my cousins, my aunty and my granddad. My favourite animal is a pony. I hope you like my writing.

Ghost Town

This town was abandoned a long time ago, and guess what there are ghosts living there. If I was you I would not live there. It is scary and stinky and the cold wind is swirling. There are not many people and the buildings have crumbled down from the earthquakes from all those years ago. There was a problem, a family came back and they thought it was ok so they went there. The ghosts were hiding from the family. When the family came into the ghost town the ghosts came out. The family were scared and they were screaming. The ghosts gave the family a fright by flying around in circles. Then the ghosts stopped and the family took a big breath in. The ghosts speed into everyone’s mouths, and surprisingly the adults turned into really scary ghosts. They were as white as snow and their eyes were as black as the night. The kids were really frightened so they were running as fast as cheetahs. They were running over the harbour bridge and over the mountain. Back at their old town, the adults used to live there. There was one kid who said “We cannot stand and do nothing, we have to turn our family back and turn them into people.” So they went back to the ghost town….

The Magic Toy Shop

One time I zapped into the warm magic toy shop. When I looked in section one, there was teddy toys and special toys as well but in section two I saw this robot called Dave.

The Beach


Once a summer day Ava’s family said “It’s a lovely day to go the beach” and everyone said “Yes”.  So they went there. When they got there, they could go straight into the sea and the adults could set up the stuff but Ava was too worried about the jellyfish in the sea. The kids were not worried. Ava’s mum asked Ava “Why are you not in the blue sea?” “I know maybe I should”. So Ava did. There were no jellyfish but at 2.00 o'clock there was. When Ava was just about to get out she felt something slimy. Then she looked down and it was a jellyfish. It stung her two times on her leg. She closed her eyes because she was dizzy. Her mum was worried but she found the jellyflower. Ava woke up and her mum was happy. Then they drove away happily.




It is floating down my throat like lava and ice cream on a summer day.

I can taste the melting brown sweet lolly in my mouth.

It was smooth and scrummy.

Yummy and soft and hard.


The Airport


He’s running fast.  He must be late for his flight. Oh hi? I did not see you there. Of all these people rushing to their flight. Oi don’t put chocolate on me. I don’t want to be dirty in front of all of these people because of this kid who smudged it on me and it’s embarrassing. Three weeks ago this new shop came in. I was happy because the other shop was too noisy. The new shop was a cold ice cream shop. I liked it being cold because the other shop was too hot. Then I saw a painting man coming towards me. I was starting to panic because I thought he was going to paint me black. I did not want to be painted black because then I wouldn’t be able to see but actually he painted me a peach colour. I felt happy and colourful until one day the man was walking towards me again.


In Fairytopia the fairies houses are colourful. Some of them have sugar lollies as the walls, others have caramels for the floor. The houses are all very sticky because the owners touch them all the time. Only the King and Queen are allowed to lick their bedroom, no one else is allowed. The mermaid’s houses are always wet. They are made of slimy seaweed and jellyfish glue. One day there was a rumble. The Queen and the King were worried because they thought their candy was going to break. They were trying to hold there candy. If you saw them you would feel embarrassed for them. The rumble was an evil witch who was trying to take the crystals. Do you know why she’s taking the crystals?


I looked at this strange thing in front of me. It was a round thing with heaps of different bright colours. There was only one thing to do. To try it, so I tried it. It was smooth and soft but I could not put it on me. It was to hard but suddenly it was on me. It was weird because my legs were not on the ground and the round thing was by my hip. Actually it went on the left and I went on the right. I was a bit confused but I tried it again. It still didn't work so I tried it a different way. Should I do a trick? Oh! I know. I should do a wheel on it and do the rolling, the rolly thing, on my neck then I should go to a shop and buy one of the rolly things. So I went in. I saw the rolly thing and I said “What is the real name for the rolly thing?” He said “It is called the hula hoop”.

Excuse Note

Dear Mrs Smith,

Tia has fallen off her horse and now she has broken all of her bones. So sorry she cannot do maths because there are stairs. Here is my phone number if anything is wrong, 2345044017



Dear Mrs Chapman,

Tia cannot do fitness because her leg got stung by six bees and she can’t move it.



Dear Mr Bainbridge, 

Thank you very much for this chance to do extra writing because I learnt heaps of things like my full-stops and capital letters. My favourite thing in writing is writing on the net-books and next time if we do writing can we do it somewhere there is more internet connection because there sometimes wasn’t any connection in the parent centre. Thank you very much.

From Tia.